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Hello, hello, hello!  This week’s post is all about St. Lucia – things to do and see on this amazing island.  We have a video from Globetrotting Gang and then a nice, handy list for you.  Get started by watching the video below:

Here’s a quick and handy list for you of St. Lucia – things to do and see!

  • 77% of St. Lucia is forested, which means more breathtaking views than you can handle. Be sure to have enough memory on your phone for all of the shots you’ll capture 🙂
  • If you’re active, then hike the Pitons! Warning: It can take hours. A shorter alternative is the Tet Paul Nature trail, which should take 45 minutes
  • Make sure you go to the Gros Islet Jump Up on Friday nights. This is a wonderful street party that happens every single Friday. Bring cash with you to get some amazing food and wash it down with some local rum
  • Go zip lining to explore the rain forest. For the thrill seekers, this will be sure to get your adrenaline going! This is one of the St. Lucia things to do and see that you’ll never forget.
  • St. Lucia is very mountainous so be cautious if you’re not accustomed to driving on the left side of the road. Also, rental cars are easily identifiable by natives, so don’t leave your valuables behind in the car. if you stop somewhere along the way
  • Patois is the second language in St. Lucia and is an important part of their cultural identity. Learn a few words and be respectful of the culture
  • Attend the Jazz & Arts festival! This internationally known festival features jazz, soca, RnB and other musical genres. It lasts several days and you’re sure to get your party on!
  • Visit the Jade mountain resort. Another internationally renowned resort, it’s pricey and well worth every penny. Each room has a private infinity pool and boasts amazing views

Now over to you:

Hope you enjoyed this list of St. Lucia – things to do and see! What would you like to see the most in St. Lucia? Leave me a comment below.

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