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Hello to you!  It’s your girl Esha here of Carnivalista Lifestyle.  If you’ve ever asked the question, “Why are you so happy?” to someone smiling to themselves (or you!), you need to watch this video.

Having asked others that question several times myself, I learned the REAL reason behind that question.  Watch the video below to find out why you ask this question of others:

About being happy…

    Have you ever asked yourself this question?  It may be a worthwhile question to ask from a place of curiousity, not criticism.  If you’re at the place where the outward happiness of others bothers you, try taking a look at yourself.  With a curious mind and grace for yourself, you might be surprised where the answer will take you!

    One of the things that was true for me and might be true for you: lack of trust.  At this point in my life, everyone around me and my life was profoundly negative and I was unhappy.  That meant I automatically mistrusted anyone who had a smile on their face or displayed joy.  As I asked myself the same question, I became more aware of what could be different and what I really wanted in my life.

    A couple of resources you might want to check out:

    • Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat; click here.  This is an interesting read and will cover being intentionally happy and what that might look like.
    • And for more information about getting to happy, don’t forget to get my free training and checklist for 3 Keys to Living a Life of More; click here.

    Thanks for watching and reading!


    About Esha:  Esha Herbert-Davis is the Carnivalista in Chief of the Carnivalista Lifestyle.  She’s passionate about loving yourself through amazing travel.  To learn more, visit her website: click here.

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