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Hey it’s your girl Esha here and welcome to Carnivalista Lifestyle!  You’ll like it around here if you’re a solo traveler (or aspiring solo traveler) who would like to discover self love in your travels.  In my opinion, self love is the best form of self care.

This vlog is part 1 of the What I Know About You Series.  In this series, I share what I know about you.  You’ll have to watch below to learn more!

About not loving yourself

Perhaps this video struck a nerve?  If it did, good.  My aim is to bring your attention to what’s really hurting you in your life. 

If you really loved yourself, you would get out of whatever situation isn’t serving you.  Holding on to whatever situation isn’t giving you peace, joy and happiness is not self care.  If you don’t get to the root of the problem, you will not heal and the peace that you desperately need will be forever outside of your grasp.

The buzz words of self care are being thrown around these days, with the solution to practice self care being to book a massage or have a pedi.  These things are great, but after the backrub and the pretty toes, you’re still in the same situation.  You’re still at the job you hate, in the relationship that doesn’t value you – you’re still in the same place. 

I think the best form of self care is self love.  And disentangling yourself from whatever is not serving you and whatever isn’t making you feel your best every damn day – IS self love!

What can you do about it?

The first step is being aware.  And if you need a little push and 2 easy ways to get started with REAL self love and care, then join me at my FREE webinar – Travel and Self Love in a Post COVID World. 

During our time together, I’ll share my own personal experiences with loving myself through travel and give you 2 simple ways to go from not loving yourself to loving your life (and yourself)!

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Thanks for watching and reading.  Remember, you deserve love, happiness and Carnival!


About Esha:  Esha Herbert-Davis is the Carnivalista in Chief of the Carnivalista Lifestyle.  She’s passionate about loving yourself through amazing travel.  To learn more, visit her website: click here.