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Come eeen!  This week’s video is part 2 of Travel Like a Carnivalista in Wassi Wednesdays with Esha.  As I’m getting ready for some travel over the next few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the travel items that help me with pro travel around the world.

Check out this video where I mentioned 2 travel items and then read the rest of the post (with links) to other items.

Here are some more travel items for pro travel:

  • Packing cubes.  These are always the 1st thing I pull out when I’m getting ready to pack!  It keeps everything organized in my suitcase and mostly wrinkle free with the roll technique.  Here are my faves on Amazon; click here.
  • Lists, lists and more lists.  My first list is one of every event or outing that I’ll need an outfit for.  This is just a handwritten list; I like to keep it simple!  On the list, I can see how many outfits I will need in total.  For there, I’ll pull out my separates and dresses to suit each event.  Then, underwear, socks, jewelry, shoes and shawls.
    • Colornote.  For those of you who prefer an electronic version, you can do the same thing in Colornote.  It’s the simplest checklist app that I know.  You can easily create new lists, add and check off items.  I usually carry my phone around the house with me and I can easily pull it out when I remember to add something.  I have a list I use for my business travel to the Caribbean and one for other non business trips as I shared in the video.  Find out more about Colornote here
  • Phone apps.  If you haven’t downloaded your preferred airline’s app, do it now.  I like it since it keeps my anxiety thoughts at bay while traveling i.e. am I at the right gate?  Is my flight on time?  🙂  Seriously though, I like being able to see my flights, understand what the connections are, see my incoming flight (and whether it’s on time or not) – you get the point.
    • Google weather is another one I check while I’m packing for my destination and when I arrive at my destination so I know how to dress.  As the saying by Alfred Wainwright goes, ” There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing”.
  • Vitamins, supplements and Airborne.  I bring these with me every where I travel.  I already take a multivitamin, B12, D3, stinging nettle and elderberry supplements daily, so I bring enough with me for the entire trip.  Airborne is essential in case I feel a sore throat coming on during my trip.  One Airborne tablet is usually enough to stop any bug in its tracks!
  • Shawls.  I do not leave home without at least 2 shawls to coordinate with my outfits.  One travels with me on the plane and the other goes in my suitcase.  Shawls are very convenient to carry around with me during my trip as insurance against any chilly indoor environments and they even work well as neck warmers in colder climates.  Indispensable!
  • Eye mask and airplugs.  I’m pretty sensitive to light and am a light sleeper, so these are non-negotiable.  I have a lovely silk eye mask that I bought in Barbados quite some time ago and I bring my silicone earplugs (Target has them).  Both of these ensure I have a good night’s sleep.
  • Waterbottle.  I try to do my part with reducing single use plastics by traveling with a refillable water bottle.  It goes with me in my carry on and I fill it after I go through security at the airport.  Keeping hydrated during my travel also helps me to not feel too worn out!
  • Travel iron.   This may seem trivial to some, but I cannot stand hotel irons.  I always bring my own with me and this one has been with me for years around the world.
  • Travel wallet.  With passports, paper boarding passes and luggage tags to collect, I like a rectangular travel wallet that can zip closed and keep everything secure.  I bought one years ago from Miche, but they’re out of business now.  I honestly haven’t found one that I like yet, but when I do, I’ll update this post 😉
  • Bedroom slippers and socks.  Okay, this may feel like another silly one, but my feet are the first place I feel cold (lol).  I am a recovering hotel slipper-holic.  I have collected dozens of them from hotels around the world and use them whenever I travel.  Socks are also a must in a natural fiber like cotton or bamboo (or a blend) so my feet will be warm and happy!        

Now over to you:

  • What are your fave products you cannot travel without?  Leave me a comment below.
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About Esha:  Esha Herbert-Davis is the Carnivalista in Chief of the Carnivalista Lifestyle.  While traveling to see 5 out of 7 continents, she has unlocked her self love and teaches others to do the same.  She’s passionate about loving yourself through amazing travel.  To learn more, visit her website: click here.

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