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Hello!  It’s the final part – part 4 – of Travel Like a Carnivalista in Wassi Wednesdays with Esha.  Here’s 4 of the Latest Trends in Caribbean Travel and How to Leverage Them.

I only mentioned 2 trends in this video.  For the full list of all 4 trends, tek a read after watching the video.  Enjoy!

Here’s the list of all 4 Caribbean travel trends:

#1: Increased Solo Travel and interest in Women-Only travel Groups

  • This is a trend I am happy to see increased interest in! I truly believe solo travel is an excellent choice for all women and especially black women.  Personally, I have had so much personal growth and increased my self love through solo travel.
  • How to leverage this trend:  do solo travel for empowerment and self-discovery.  It’s easier than ever with so much info available on the internet and with accommodations’ providers giving better pricing for single occupancy rooms.  You’ll empower yourself and make your own trip! No more worrying about what everyone else wants to do.
  • If don’t want to travel by yourself, then join women-only travel groups or retreats that offer a supportive environment and tailored experiences.  That means you can do as much or as little as you like with the group.

#2: Blending work with travel through remote work opportunities

  • I am a perfect example of this since I’m did this video live in Tobago!
  • With the pandemic, so many people are took advantage of working remotely.  Even workplace policies have been molded to accommodate this trend.
  • If you’re thinking about doing this, check first with your workplace before going to work remotely – some may have policies about working from certain countries and/or guidelines for keeping company data safe.
  • How to leverage this Caribbean travel trend:  Choose destinations with reliable internet and co-working spaces and/or choose an accommodations provider with an extra room so you can separate your work and living spaces.
  • Here are some tips on maintaining productivity while enjoying the surroundings and balancing work-life effectively:
    • Take time zones into consideration when planning your workcation.  E.g.: if going to anywhere in Asia and you have to be responsive during US day time hours, you will be pulling late night shifts.
    • Make a routine and stick with it e.g. start work at the same time everyday and take breaks as needed to take in the view.  If you have an exercise routine, keep it! As much as you can stick to a routine, the more successful your workcation will be.
    • Separate your work space and living space if possible. This will help to streamline everything. Sure, you can work from your bed, but it’s a lot better to keep the bed for sleeping and other activities ;). When you shut down for the evening, at least everything will be ready for you the next day and you can put work out of your mind for now to have some fun!
  • Resource for working remotely and becoming an expat: ExodUS is an online community of black women who want to work outside of the US while traveling.

 #3: Increasing demand for wellness-focused vacations with spa treatments, yoga retreats, and holistic health experiences

  • Here’s another Caribbean travel trend I am on board for!  A healthy body and mind will take you far and help to facilitate your success.
  • Perhaps a wellness retreat can help you to kick off a new fitness regimen or develop healthier eating habits?  Think beyond vacay and you’ll be surprised by what you find.
  • Whenever I travel internationally, I always designate some time to have a wellness experience in addition to keeping my exercise routine. 
  • How to leverage this trend: Try planning trips around luxury wellness resorts that offer specialized packages for relaxation and rejuvenation. You can easily find these types of properties at all price points that will cater to your personal wellness goals.  Enhance your wellness experience by taking a break from social media or imposing some quiet time by putting your phone away.

#4: Exploration of local cuisine and culinary traditions as a major travel attraction

  • I saved de best for last!  There are so many amazing and unique culinary experiences you can plan your next Caribbean getaway around.  This is a trend that has led many islands throughout the Caribbean to create food festivals (with wine and rum, of course).
  • How to leverage this Caribbean travel trend: Use technology to find and participate in food tours, cooking classes and food festivals.  Look for restaurants that are internationally recognized and renowned locally.  Seek out black owned and operated food havens that will highlight the culinary skills of black chefs.
  • Here are a few Caribbean food festivals to check out:

    Now over to you:

    • Which of these trends are you thinking of jumping on?  Comment below and let me know.
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    About Esha:  Esha Herbert-Davis is the Carnivalista in Chief of the Carnivalista Lifestyle.  While traveling to see 5 out of 7 continents, she has unlocked her self love and teaches others to do the same.  She’s passionate about loving yourself through amazing travel.  To learn more, visit her website: click here.

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